About us

Our understanding

We pride ourselves on having a clear understanding of the needs and desires of our customers – and the different fields of industry in which they operate.

We also have a fundamental grasp of the market dynamics. We know that, on the one hand, a growing number of manufacturers are specialising (e.g. in filters, ventilators, piping and connection materials). They are offering their products Europe-wide or even globally in order to achieve the sales volumes required to support their investments. And on the other hand, there are the relatively small-scale installers; specialists who understand the local market better than anyone else and who are on the spot to provide service and support to companies in their region.

We meet the needs of these local installers – usually in their own language – as well the needs of engineering companies and OEMs. We act as a link between them and the products made by these international specialists. We hold thousands of such items in stock, and complement this by our own standard or customised components. This means that, when you do business with Formula Air, you don’t lose valuable time searching for and procuring the parts you need from many different sources. You can usually find everything you need from us – a ‘one-stop shop’ – so you can concentrate more on core activities like sales, engineering, installation and service.