Heating, ventilation & air conditioning

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Industry sector: heating, ventilation & air conditioning

This project was carried out by our customer working partner with Formula Air


Air conditioning systems in commercial buildings generally have a large outlet unit from which the used air exits into the surroundings. If this unit is hidden from view – for example when it is located in the middle of a flat roof – then its physical appearance is relatively unimportant. However, if it is visible then often it has to be designed to fit in with the overall architectural look of the building.


The outlet unit on an office block in the Dutch city of The Hague was clearly visible and not particularly attractive to look at. Formula Air was asked to develop a housing that would fit over the outlet unit to improve the appearance, and which would also be as efficient as possible in order to minimise any increase in energy demand.


A specially customised housing was developed which was in line with the architectural vision for the office building. Stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised steel were used for the construction of housing in order to give it an aesthetically pleasing appearance. A drop catcher was also incorporated to take care of any condensation. The housing is also highly functional, and is capable of transporting 40,000 m³ of air every hour. This has been achieved while keeping the design compact so that the housing is not unnecessarily prominent.

Case study: heating, ventilation & air conditioning

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