Heating, ventilation & air conditioning

Location: Maastricht, Netherlands

Industry sector: heating, ventilation & air-conditioning

This project was carried out by our customer working partner with Formula Air


Air conditioning in modern commercial buildings and offices has been considered a necessity rather than a luxury for a long time. However, large systems designed to cool high volumes of air from outside can be noisy. When commercial property is located in the vicinity of residential properties, the resulting noise not only inconveniences workers; it also disrupts the lives of the people who live close by.


An air-conditioning unit positioned on an exclusive office building located at the heart of a residential area in the southern Dutch city of Maastricht was attracting complaints from neighbours because of the noise it generated. The solution needed not only to attenuate sound, it had to be aesthetically appealing too. Formula Air was asked to design a housing that would address the noise issue, look attractive, and meet specific technical requirements.


Noise levels were first measured and the results were analysed to determine what was required. A customised, fully insulated noise-reduction housing was then developed, equipped with sound-attenuating grilles and splitter dampers to reduce the volume of intake and return air flows. This has successfully addressed complaints concerning noise nuisance.

The compact normal steel and galvanised steel design was powder-coated in the customer’s chosen colour to ensure this technically effective solution also has visual appeal. The housing was designed as a single pre-assembled integrated unit which can simply be placed over the air conditioning units already in place.

From a practical perspective, access hatches have been integrated into the housing to facilitate regular servicing and maintenance.

Case study: heating, ventilation & air conditioning

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