Heavy Industry

Location: Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands

Industry sector: heavy industry

This project was carried out by our customer working partner with Formula Air


Power stations, which generally have a high concentration of heavy industrial equipment, must be properly ventilated to avoid health & safety as well as employee productivity issues. These often large installations therefore require solutions that can refresh exceptionally high volumes of air while not causing a noise nuisance themselves.


A coal-fired power station at a few kilometres from the sea shore in the Netherlands was struggling to maintain a pleasant and healthy working environment for its employees. The power station building requires a high volume of air to be ventilated in order to maintain air quality. Large openings in the walls meant that noise reduction was a major issue. A further challenge was to design a fully-integrated splitter damper unit that includes multi-leaf dampers and a heat exchanger, all within a housing measuring just 6000 x 2000 x 2000mm.


Formula Air designed this completely integrated unit directly in line with the requirements of the customer. With noise reduction being so important, sound attenuators were located behind the grilles to keep any noise within the building. To ensure natural ventilation during the cooler winter period does not interfere with the climate control, heat exchangers were positioned behind the sound attenuators to heat the inflowing air.

Having everything in one unit brings two major benefits. The first is that the customer could source everything they needed to address this issue from one single supplier (Formula Air). And the second was that installation of the solution was considerably more straightforward because there was only one single unit, as opposed to several different ones, which had to be mounted. This led to savings in terms of cost, time and manpower.

Case study: heavy industry

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