Heavy Industry

Location: Italy/Austria/Switzerland

Industry sector: heavy industry

This project was carried out by our customer working partner with Formula Air


Given the distances involved, language barriers and different time zones, it’s not always plain sailing for American companies to operate effectively in Europe. The issues are compounded by the different sets of standards applicable in each country, demanding an intimate understanding of the specific requirements.


An American supplier of high-quality chemical filtration solutions for the nuclear industry was looking for a series of customised housings for the filters it was delivering to customers in Italy, Austria and Switzerland. A range of housings was needed to cover all the different filters available, and the finished solution had to communicate a uniform look and feel to support the end customer’s brand in Europe. Manufacturing and delivery times also needed to be kept to a minimum to respond competitively to customer needs.


We acted in true partnership to develop modular and highly flexible housings which the end customer could market under its own name. Our aluminium, galvanised steel and stainless steel (type SS304/316) housings are available with or without a blower/fan and offer the option of pumped or non-pumped air intake.

The housings all meet the high standards required in the United States, including NFPA, and are supplied complete with full test reports.

Our modular system allows the customer to manufacture its own filter elements in the United States, which we then integrate into these customised housings. Flexible production, short processing & lead times and proximity to the end user have enabled us to help our American customer serve the European market efficiently. When required, we have even been able to offer service support on behalf of our customer in Europe.

Case study: heavy industry

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