Location: China

Industry sector: Food

This project was carried out by our customer working partner with Formula Air


In line with modern eating trends, such as lowering the glycaemia index of what we consume, there is growing demand in the food industry to extract large quantities of gluten, starch and glucose from foodstuffs.  However, the drying process that is subsequently required produces a high volume of dust which then has to be removed from the production area. 


This dust needs to be removed at a very rapid rate, The standard filters commonly used across the food industry to trap it can lead to deposits on the equipment and cartridges, which in turn raises food safety and contamination issues. A Dutch company producing food in China needed a partner to help it develop a more efficient drying process for starches, glucose and other extracted ingredients.


Formula Air developed a stainless steel installation which does not require filters. The extracted starch and glucose liquids are heated at temperatures up to 80°C using a series of pipes. The dry residue which is left is captured by using a multi-cyclone system that is capable of extracting 80,000 m3 of air per hour. The absence of filters, coupled with the smooth transfer of dry residue via specially welded-on flanges keep contamination to a minimum.

A 3-D visualisation enabled the customer to see precisely what the installation would look like before it was built. A single cyclone deployed prior to final filtration and following on from the multi-cyclone allows the cleaning process to be repeated. The solution, comprising pipes, flanges and air conducts, forms part of a total concept. It complies fully with EHEDG and other food safety standards, resulting in a low-maintenance, low cost and hygienic means of extracting specific ingredients from foods.

Case study: food

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