Location: Ghent, Belgium

Industry: coal processing

This project was carried out by our customer working partner with Formula Air


SEA-invest is one of the world’s largest terminal operators for dry and liquid bulk. It has established a worldwide reputation in the field of stevedoring, transport, warehousing and other port-related activities. One of the group’s companies, Ensagent, operates a plant in Ghent, Belgium, where coal is processed as an additive for steel alloys.


With an enormous 12 tonnes of coal dust being generated by the coal-breaking process every day, a highly efficient and reliable de-dusting system was essential.

In addition, coal powder is one of the most difficult powders to manage because of its high conductivity, which also meant that electrical cabinets had to be properly protected against the coal dust.


A piping system was installed to deal with the dust generated when treating the shiploads of coal that arrive at the site for processing in the big breakers. This works together with a filter which has Teflon-coated cartridges and a surface area of 620 m², as well as a 55 kW fan that can extract as much as 40,000 m³ of dust every hour.

A specially constructed filter, with two ’suction wings’ designed to deflect the dust towards it, was also installed. The filtration system has worked without problems since its installation in mid-2011. It has never been clogged up, which eliminates the need for repair and ensures there are no unwelcome disruptions to the process.

Case study: coal processing

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