Customer Survey 2021: Results

Why Customer Satisfaction Survey?

In order to be able to provide our customers with flawless service we’ve launched a customer satisfaction survey. The insights we get via this process will guide us when making future business investments to make sure we deliver according to our customer needs.

2021 have brought major change to our industry with the steep increase in metal price and unexpected lack of metal stock. This affected most business in regards to hasty price updates, delivery set backs, product non-availability. Regardless the current industry situation, we wanted to know how customers rate our services. This is a powerful indicator of overall success because it captures our performance under uncontrollable circumstances.

Contest award

A contest was a part of this survey campaign, and we would like to congratulate those lucky winners of Remarkable tablets. By reducing amount of paper, we use, we help the planet, and that’s exactly what Remarkable helps with: less notes on paper, easy transfer to devices.

The Result: Satisfaction is High

Our survey campaign has ended giving us valuable information and we would like to share the results. We value the time our customers took to complete surveys, give us the high marks and the thoughtful feedback.

Over 30% of our customers participated in the customer satisfaction survey which gives us substantial data sets to draw conclusions. Customers rated us on customer service and product quality, technical support, pricing and how we compare to other suppliers.

99% of responders were likely to recommend our services and we are rated 11% higher than market average in our industry segment for defined attributes.

Other survey results are shown in the figure below which shows how we deliver compared to customer defined attribute importance:


We Appreciate Recommendations

Customers also shared their needs and challenges they face so we can support them better in the next research. The feedback is meaningful guidance for our business investments and operational processes. We ask, listen and act.

What Happens Next

Our goal is to continue to improve our customer service and reliability. In the future, we will ask for your time again to rate us for the performance. In the meantime, we strive to support you even more by optimizing operational processes, stabilizing pricing, enhancing systems, and adding new personnel in customer service and logistics.

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