Electrical Motors – IE3

The Directive 2009/12/EU or ErP has been established to fix the requisite for the eco-conception of the electrical motors. This was to evolve in three phases:

2011 – all single phase electrical motors had to meet the IE2 efficiency level.

2015 : All electrical motors range 7,5kW to 375 kW have to meet the IE3 efficiency level except when used with a requency regulator (they can be IE2).

And now, as of the first of January 2017, the next step of the directive has to be followed for all Single Speed, Three-phase 50Hz or 60Hz, Squirrel cage induction motors plated S1. All electrical motors will have to be IE3 if they :

–          have 2 to 6 poles
–          have a rated voltage up to 1000 V;
–          have a rated power output between 0,75 kW and 375 kW;
–          are rated on the basis of continuous duty operation.
–          Operate at an altitude not exceeding 4000m
–          Operate in an environment where ambient temperature is between -30°C to +60°C

Note that the IE2 motors will be still allowed in continuous duty for all the motors operating in the above-mentioned conditions but they will have to be connected to a frequency converter. “Inverted duty” is already written on all the IE2 motors available in our stock with powers from 7,5kW to 375kW, and will be also written on all the IE2 motors from 0,75kW to 5,5kW arriving in our warehouse starting from January 2017.

Excluded from this directives are :

  • ATEX motors, brake motors, Single Phase and Double Polarity motors.
  • Motors completely immerged under water
  • Motors conceived to work :
    • At altitudes of more than 14 00 meters
    • Ambient temperature less than -15ºC OR more than 40ºC
    • Maximum working temperature of more than 400ºC

In all cases, the IE1 motors are no longer commercialized in the European Union.

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