Innovation, Formula Air flange machine

Flexible, powerful and fast: our new battery-powered flange machine.

If you’re crimping flanges on location, this new battery-powered crimp machine does the job quickly and simply. Formula Air has developed this innovation exclusively to enable custom-made solutions on location.

The custom-built crimp machine is a breakthrough. Standard-sized pipes of 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 mm often need to be shortened, losing the fixed flange in the process. Formula Air provides the ultimate remedy: a portable device that creates the perfect flange on your steel piping within minutes.

Saving time and money

Jobs that previously cost too much time, effort and frustration are now no trouble. The machine has a constant couple, giving it a continuously powerful output. Moreover, the machine can be used everywhere thanks to the strong li-ion battery. We even give you with an extra battery. Additionally, we have not forgotten to give it a modern and professional look.

For stainless and galvanised steel

The machine comes with two sets of crimping discs. They are easy to replace and suitable for stainless steel (up to and including 1 mm) and galvanised piping (up to and including 1.25 mm), for all diameters. Your pipe will be fitted with the perfect flange in no time.

Free demonstration

Formula Air is the exclusive developer of this battery-powered flange machine. Download product leaflet. We are happy to fully explain the machine to you in a demonstration. Get in touch with us now at:

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