Formula Air launches its very own ATEX-Certified Rotary Valve

The ATEX directive came into force on 1st July 2003 before transitioning to the New Directive 2014/34/EU from 20th April 2016. The directive ensures that equipment intended for use in environments where potentially explosive atmospheres can occur will not become a source of ignition. Specifically, the ATEX directive ensures equipment is designed to meet the relevant Essential Requirements of the Directive(s).
Formula Air is pleased to announce the newest part of our very own ATEX-certified product range – RVA ATEX Rotary valve. The second addition to our in-house manufactured ATEX-certified product range is designed to discharge dust and other materials from filters and cyclones.
This product is certified and aplicable for variety of ATEX zones:
  • RVA*-X1-06 : ATEX Zone 20 interior / Zone 21 exterior
  • RVA*-X2-06 : ATEX Zone 20 interior / Zone 22 exterior
  • RVA*-X3-06 : ATEX Zone 20 interior / Safe zone exterior
Our own manufacturing of ATEX rotary valve allows us to provide a top-notch customer service and even more favourable pricing. With all of the spare parts already in stock, we are able to ship them within 24 hours. This option will benefit your business by limiting possible disruptions of industrial processes to a minimum.
For more information about RVA-X ATEX rotary valves click here or contact your account manager.
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