Leaf Valves

Leaf Valve & Flexible Hose Connector

A leaf valve is a one-way valve with an opening covered by a hinged flap. It is most commonly used in vacuum process to prevent pressure loss during extraction process. Control of pressure in this process is crucial because even a slight air leakage might negatively impact vacuum power.
Leaf valves can be mounted on the ducting and are designed to connect flexible hoses by means of a flexible hose connector.
Upgraded model of lead valves ensures better overall quality and airtightness, to prevent air leakage.
An inductive sensor can be added to the lid support to automatically start the installation when the lid is opened. This inductive sensor is designed according to EC Directives 2014/30/EU, and ISO EN 55032:2015, EN 55035:2017.

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  • Completely air-tight;
  • Well protected sensor;
  • Inductive capabilities of sensor.


  • 2 mm electro-galvanized blacksteel (10μm);
  • AISI 304.


  • With a self-closing spring-mounted lid.


  • Start-up inductive sensor (NCEB000001)

Mounting of sensor

  •  Mounted with 2 bolts and nuts.