Own product line for heavy walled ducting

Formula Air kicks off the new year with its own product line for heavy walled ducting. Our own producti line will enable us to guarantee improved levels of service and higher quality products. The new product line also makes it possible for us to design and manufacture specific customised products with rapid turnaround times.

Delivered inside 24 hours
The new product line will have a fixed stock in the logistics centre in Perwez, Belgium. The stock will be expanded to include an additional 20,000 items. We can guarantee to deliver these products within a single day: ordered before 14:00 hours means next day delivery.

Deliveries throughout Europe
A production line of its own means that Formula Air will not encounter any limitations within the European market and so deliveries can be made to other countries too.

Higher quality
From now on, stainless steel components will be supplied with a sandblasted finish as standard. The products are compatible with other popular components, like Jacob. We can also supply products with ATEX approval and for applications processing aggressive materials, durable coatings can be applied.

How to order
The new components for heavy walled ducting will be available from 1 January and can be ordered using the new codes from the product catalogue, but also the old codes. For more information, please download the new catalogue, or contact your dedicated contact person.

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