Formula Air investments in operational efficiency | 2022

Productivity and operational efficiency have always been values of Formula Air. Due to the continuous growth of the business year by year, we are now at the stage of investing in technology, expanding current facilities and teams. This year’s substantial investments will unlock our potential to provide you with superior service and customer experience. 

This of course puts some strains on us currently with order handling, but we are doing our best to limit these cases to a minimum. While these are just the first steps toward tangible benefits, once the change and the adjustment period are over – it will be worth the wait.

Our goals:

  • Quicker and more efficient order handling process

  • More reliable shipments

  • Increase accuracy in-stock articles data

  • Enquiry response in less than 24 hours

  • Increase availability of Customer Service specialists

  • More stability during Force Majeure scenarios

Logistics Centre Belgium: Boost in reliability and speed of order handling

If you follow us on LinkedIn, you have probably already seen some of the changes that have been implemented in the Formula Air warehouse. We have already completed a restructuring of racks and established improved process flow with the help of new equipment. This is considered Phase 1 of the Logistic Centre improvement project.

Due to the size of the project and its complexity, it took us longer than expected to optimize the results of Phase 1, we appreciate you bearing with us. When moving forward to the following stages we will take additional precautions to minimize the impact of unexpected scenarios, so the process runs as smoothly as possible.

The next phases will be focusing on marking and preparing of Warehouse Management System (WMS) implementation. Marking is an important element in every highly functioning warehouse. It ensures that every single item used in the logistic process has a designated area and/or usage path. These slight, but crucial adjustments increase productivity because all products, tools and machinery are always handled in the most efficient way possible. In addition, WMS will improve our monitoring of stock articles in real-time and allow us to provide you with more reliable data. At the same time, it will benefit our warehouse employees as well, since it will reduce manual work, so they can put more effort into quicker order handling.

“These improvement processes are vital when striving towards operational efficiency. While these changes might have some disruptions on our current shipments, they will substantially optimize our productivity, and lead times and ensure reliability. I want to thank our customers for their patience and understanding”, – says Benjamin Lotin, Formula Air Warehouse manager.

Customer Service team: response to enquiries and transactions in 24 hours or less

Our Customer Service team is one of the essential pieces in building customer satisfaction. As well as supporting the sales process, the Customer Service team assures that all your needs are met, and any issues are resolved. Over the years we’ve focused on expanding our team to provide you with as much availability as possible and the quickest reaction to enquiries.

This year we are focusing on perfecting the formula for Customer Service. Our specialists are working together and sharing best practices from our multiple regions to create a perfect workflow when supporting your business. Currently, while our team is testing out several procedures to find the best fit, we have temporarily increased the capacity of personnel to prevent any disruption in ongoing Customer Service processes. These brainstorming and testing processes are leading toward more thought out enquiry handling where the workload is distributed in a way that every single inquiry can be responded to within 24 hours.

The standardization of this process ensures the stability of <24-hour rule even in cases of Force Majeure (unexpected sick leave of personnel, unusually big workload in one of the regions, etc.) The same methodology will be applied in handling other Customer Service related requests such as transaction handling and order entry.

Customer Service manager, Carla Mattana explains: “We are improving customer service workflow with customer-centricity in mind. With the growth of Formula Air in the past 30 years, a lot of different practices have been implemented and I believe by adapting that experience and adjusting it to our current market standard we can provide an even better customer experience.”

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