Noise reduction

Sound attenuation

We can offer you a wide range of noise reduction components : circular duct silencers, rectangular and square silencers,  specially to reduce noise on inlet and air outlet systems. Standard lock-formed, reinforced , industrial and heavy duty welded construction according to DIN 24152 and DIN 24151. Also sound boxes and cabins to bring back the noise of fans/industrial processes to an acceptable level.

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Circular duct silencers
  • With edges for pull-ring connection
  • With loose flanges, such as standard FA-norm, DIN 24154 R1 t/m R5, according to client specifications.
  • With FA-quick system
  • Smooth ends (without bords) in combination with spiro-ducting
  • Sound absorption : 100 mm standard. With or without baffle and perforated plated inside. On request : glass or mineral wool absorption
  • On request  : inside with tedlar-foil for relative high moisture media .
Rectangular/square silencers
  • The casing consists of mild steel with light-profile frames according to DIN 24192 duct flanges. Type SB 20, SB 30 and SB 40, direct flange, loose or welded flange according to DIN 24193 or custom made.
  • Absorption splitter build up in several layers of glass or mineral wool, thickness 100, 200 or 300 mm. The absorber material is covered in the splitter abrasion-proof. It is fire-proof according to DIN 4102, and not harmful to health (biologically soluble or > class 40) with a fibreglass covering.
Sound boxes/cabins
  • Panels inside with absorption material : glass or mineral wool, foam etc. also possible with perforated plate inside.
  • Build up with profile and omega profile for 45 mm panel. All panels are demountable.
  • On request : special dimensions/custom made


  • Sendzimir galvanized, zinc layer 275 g/m² (on request : powder coated in RAL)
  • AlMg3
  • AISI 304 (1.4301), AISI 316 Ti (1.4571) etc.

Range of applications

  • Dust extraction and exhaust air
  • Ventilation systems (HVAC)
  • High vacuum systems
  • Pneumatic conveying systems