Throttle valves

A complete range of throttle valves that can be used in dust extraction and exhaust air, bulk handling and low pressure pneumatic transport,  according to DIN 24151.

Our recently improved electric throttle valve is a great choice for your installation as it has virtually no maintenance, consumes low energy and you don’t need compressed air. Due to the new actuator our product has shorter open/close time (10 to 20 seconds) and it is much more torque (50Nm). There is also no risk of the axle slipping as it is directly mounted on a square axle and a position detector comes with the actuator.

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  • Manual throttle valves
  • Pneumatic throttle valves
  • Electric throttle valves
  • Throttle valves prepared for manual, pneumatic or electric
  • Throttle valves spring-return kit
  • Non return valves