Ready-to-use cartridge filter

Ready-to-use cartridge filter

Ready-to-use cartridge filter with pneumatic cleaning. Filter is developed to work in negative pressure and is also available in ATEX version. Unit delivered ready for use. The air flow volume of the standard versions go up to 8,200 m³/h and a negative pressure of 5000 Pa. Filter surface from 26 to 168 m². It depends on the version. The unit features a built-in fan with closed
fan wheel with backward-curved straight self-cleaning blades. The fan is static/dynamic balanced according to ISO 14694 (BV3 G 6.3). Fan delivers air in fan enclosure, where air noise is dampen by sound absorbing material, before it is led out through bolted-on connection.

These filters are often used with laser cutting machines or other processing machines.



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