ATEX certified RVA-X Rotary Valves



Formula Air has developed ATEX certified rotary valves which can be used in ATEX zones 22, 21 or ATEX safe zone. This new standard product is offered for a better price while assuring excellent quality. With all standard spare parts in stock, we are able to ship your order within 24 h.

Formula Air RVA-X rotary valves are designed to discharge dust and other materials from filters and cyclones and treat volumes ranging from 9 to 52 m³/h at a fill degreee of 50%. They are equipped with a visual rotation indicator and rotation detector is available to be ordered as an option.

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These rotary valves are produced according to the following harmonized directives/standards:

  • 2014/34/EC : ATEX directives
  • 2006/42/EC ; Machine directive
  • 2014/35/EC ; Low voltage directive
  • 2014/30/EC ; Electromagnetic compatibility directive
Available in ATEX executions :
  • RVA*-X1-06 : ATEX Zone 20 interior / Zone 21 exterior
  • RVA*-X2-06 : ATEX Zone 20 interior / Zone 22 exterior
  • RVA*-X3-06 : ATEX Zone 20 interior / Safe zone exterior


  • 5 models available in 3 ATEX executions;
  • Available sizes 250 mm – 1500mm;
  • Treat different volumes of dust (from 9 to 52 m³/h at a fill degreee of 50%);
  • Easily replaced spare parts in stock.


St 37.2 black steel with primary paint and epoxy powder coating RAL


  • 3 mm rolled plates welded together;
  • End plates bolted to the body;
  • 6 chamber rotor with rubber blades.


  • Rotation detector;
  • Counter flanges;
  • Replacement rubber blades;
  • Transport and discharge pipes.

RVA ATEX Rotary valve is also available in other RAL colors.