Formula Air Group acquires Slingerland Techniek

Formula Air Group, an international supplier of components for industrial dust extraction and ventilation, acquires Slingerland Techniek. With the acquisition of such an expert in industrial fan market, Formula Air Group strengthens its expertise and increases the product range.

The acquisition of this well-known company in the Dutch industrial fan market is a logical, strategic step for Formula Air Group. More and more customers know Formula Air as a supplier of industrial fans. With the acquisition of Slingerland, Formula Air not only receives valuable expertise, but also significantly increases the range of their fans. The dust extraction expert Formula Air can now also offer other type of fans, such as axial, plastic and free running fans.

Jeroen Zweegers, CEO of Formula Air Group says: “Slingerland Techniek is a well-known player in the industrial fan market and we are very proud to welcome this company to our group. Our mission is to provide customers with a total solution for industrial dust extraction. With the knowledge and experience of Slingerland, we can make this solution even more complete. Moreover, our stock of fans with this acquisition is certainly ten times larger, which means we can offer better and faster service.”

Slingerland Techniek is based in Amersfoort and remains active in the current setup and under the same company name. Nico Slingerland will be active during this year to hand over everything smoothly. As of today, Steven Zweegers will be responsible for the company Slingerland.