Customer feedback Lutis

Dear Ad and Ruud,

Here is a word from our client with a note of valorization for F’AIR Holland.

We, at LUTIS, are very happy with F’AIR as a supplier.

Our strongest point lies in the service we can provide rapidly to our client, in other words, relieve the client of extra work. If a client has a problem, it becomes our problem, and in such cases we need to do everything possible to bring to good end these types of challenges.

By our involvement in this strategy, our hired mechanics are selected with the same respect. Also with our suppliers, we first look at reliability and quality. Because, what we promise to our clients, the suppliers should also be able (and want) to achieve. This is why F’AIR is very important to us. I know that I sometimes ask the utmost from you to uphold the agreements taken with our clients. I realize fully that what I asked of you this week was difficult to (almost) impossible.

And even as I’m writing this letter, a client comes to us with an urgent request that needs priority. So I write again to Erik and/or Loes (who hopefully will be able to pull it off again).

The personal contact is nice, the service is fine, and the quality is none the less. The very important points are that the deliveries are on time, (almost) always complete and made to the specifications that we require. This seems normal, but sometimes, we experience this often differently with some other suppliers and we cannot keep our promises.

As you know, I also come from a production company and I know what is needed to achieve these goals. I think that you can be proud of the people who work at F’AIR, because in the end, they are the ones who make the company.

As a token of our appreciation, we will deliver pies from a local baker on Monday. I hope that they taste good and, for what we are concerned, there will follow a long collaboration.

Best regards,

Joost Samsom


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