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About us

Your international partner in industrial dust extraction. With multiple facilities across Europe, over 200 employees, a vast network of partners and over 30 years of experience we are fully equipped to support your performance. 

Formula Air, for more than 30 years

We have been at the forefront of the clean-air industry

Our customers come from a huge array of sectors, ranging from power plants to industries like metal production and agriculture, and from recycling to surface treatment. We believe that our knowledge and expertise in industrial dust extraction are without equal, and we can offer you clean air solutions according to your needs. With bases throughout Europe and a huge warehouse in Belgium, we won’t keep you waiting for specialist help and advice, nor for your products.

Clean Air

We believe that everyone should be able to work and live in a healthy environment. Cleaner air means a healthier planet and healthier workplaces. And, of course, healthier workplaces mean healthier staff and fewer sick days – leading to improved efficiency and a more seamless work process for the business as a whole. To that end, we are committed to providing a reliable, collaborative customer experience that will enable as many people as possible to benefit from our products and expertise.

Our Products

We provide standard dust extraction components for every industry. We can also provide a range of specialised ducting and components (including fans, filters, rotary valves and fire dampers) that conforms to the ATEX directive. Our products are available in various materials to suit your purpose. They are also easy to connect and to take apart for cleaning or replacing when needed. If you have industry or site-specific requirements, please get in touch: thanks to our experienced engineers we will be able to advise you on what type of installation to go for.



The Netherlands

Formula Air Group roots go to 1991 when a company called Smits Lucht Systemen (SLS) was acquired in Helmond, the Netherlands. The company was later moved to the premises in a nearby town Beek en Donk, which is now Formula Air Head Office and manufacturing site.



The company expanded for the first time by the acquisition of the company Socomar, located in Wavre, Belgium. This acquisition was the start of the international organization that we are today.



To gain a foothold on the French market, the company Yo Tuyo was acquired. At that time, Yo Tuyo was one of the biggest French customers of Socomar.



To gain more production capacity with the company, a manufaturing company PNTS in Lithuania was acquired. This takeover provided access to two manufacturing facilities. This suddenly gave the company a lot more possibilities and flexibility.



A partnership was entered with a local party in Vietnam to set up a branch. It was the third manufacturing company with sales activities in the local market.


Logistics centre

In the middle of 2007 construction of the new central warehouse in Belgium started. We moved from Wavre to Perwez at the beginning of 2008. This new warehouse of 4500 m2 was very much needed to facilitate the growth of the company.


Formula Air Group

After 18 years all these acquired companies have become Formula Air Group with a group holding including several operating companies. From that moment all companies were branded as one company, Formula Air.


Germany & Sweden

Formula Air expanded even more in 2016 by the acquisition of Winkel Lufttechnik in Germany and by starting a new branch in Sweden to enter the Scandinavian market. A first step to reach large markets not yet fully exploited.


Logistics centre expansion

The central warehouse in Belgium was expanded by an additional 2500 m2 to facilitate the further growth of the company.


Manufacturing growth

In both The Netherlands and Lithuania a brand new manufacturing facility, including new machinery and offices was realized by the beginning of 2019. These new buildings and machinery gave the production capacity an enormous boost.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software

By the summer of 2020 the whole Formula Air Group was running on a new ERP software. From this moment on, all operating companies work on one system. This investment was made in order to become operationaly more efficient and to support the growth of the company.


Warehouse Management System (WMS) implementation

Implementation of WMS was a major step in the journey of excellent operation efficiency. It allowed monitoring of stock articles in real-time so business processes were based on reliable data. At the same time it improved logistics efficiency as more orders could be handled in the same period of time.


Website & eCatalogue launch

A new website was built around convenience, speed, and accessibility, to offer users streamlined experience. The online brand was updated to truly show what the company stands for. Moreover a digital product catalogue was created to display comprehensive information about standard products, including real-time technical data, maintenance, and other related files.

Thanks to our spread of facilities across Europe

All Your Dust Extraction Solutions are in One Place

We are a reliable one-stop shop for all your dust-extraction components – saving you time and money that you’d otherwise have to spend sourcing from multiple suppliers. We offer local support across much of Europe: France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania and the Netherlands, and have production sites in the Netherlands, Lithuania and Vietnam. As a result, we’re able to cater to both local installers and global manufacturers, as well as engineering companies and OEMs.

Our massive warehouse facility in Belgium means you can come to us for everything you need, and any standard products we don’t stock, are available as made to order. Our knowledgeable engineers offer specialised skills and an in-depth understanding of the dust extraction process so that you can be sure of a satisfactory solution for your specific application.

The Value of Experience

We may have more than 30 years of experience in the field, but we still believe in evolving in the name of operational efficiency and customer service. At Formula Air, we value our people, understanding that their knowledge and experience are as valuable as our products. As such, we have taken the time to pool the wealth of knowledge from staff across our multiple manufacturing and processing sites. We have applied this wisdom to improving our operational and customer-service efficiency. As a result, we are building towards being able to respond to all of your enquiries within 24 hours, and all standard orders will be shipped speedily from our centralised warehouse, in order to offer you the best possible customer experience.