Our values, mission & vision

We are international manufacturers and distributors of industrial dust extraction products. With the right expertise, innovative manufacturing techniques and over 30 years of experience, we contribute to a better future for our planet. And the foundation of our success lies in our values. We at Formula Air use to set values as guidelines to achieve our goals.

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Honesty is the foundation of everything we do at Formula Air.


By listening and delivering on our promises we build long lasting partnerships.


We care about our customers, each other, and the results of our work.

These top core values drive our culture, and each of us strives to encompass them in our daily work. These guiding principles are the backbone of our culture, and what we aspire to, and relate to during difficult times. Customers may recognise our values when we get involved in their projects to offer great customer service, when we promise realistically, and take on the responsibility.  


We contribute towards clean air within industrial processes to support a sustainable work and living environment. By working closely together with our customers, we play a key role in sustainable solutions for dust extraction and air filtration. 


We are best in class in delivering standardized dust extraction components for industrial processes in Europe, by focusing on operational efficiency to be the reliable one-stop-shop. 


Our contribution to sustainability goes beyond our products. As a part of our vision to become a one-stop-shop, we also want to contribute to a more overall sustainable future for all. Read more about our sustainability strategy.