Local teams

We value personal connection in building long-term partnerships hence we want to direct you to the specific person who can help you in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Select the most suitable team for you based on the location or language of your preference.


Regions responsible: The rest of the world
Languages: English, German, Dutch, French

Lex van Heeswijk | Export Sales Manager
M: +31 629 476 145


Regions responsible: France, Wallonia Belgium
Languages: English, French


Regions responsible: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Languages: English, German


Regions responsible: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland
Languages: English, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish


Regions responsible: Sweden, Norway, Finland
Languages: English, Swedish, Lithuanian

The Netherlands

Regions responsible: The Netherlands, Flanders Belgium
Languages: English, Dutch, German

We have been able to build this successful organisation because of close partnerships and direct communication. If you have other questions, that aren't related to the sales and customer service side of the business - feel free to contact other departments of Formula Air.

If you have a partnership proposal in mind - you can also file a form.


Supplier queries
E: purchasing@formula-air.com 


Finance inquiries
E: finance-hq@formula-air.com 


Marketing opportunities
E: marketing@formula-air.com