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Light & medium gauge

ducting system

Our product portfolio consists of a full range of standard industrial ducting components including galvanized, stainless steel, and powder-coated ducting components for medium-, high-pressure or high-vacuum installations. Just tell us your application and requirements, and we are fully equipped to provide ductwork to suit your needs. 

All galvanized and stainless steel pipes are longitudinally laser welded and are airtight. The 6 mm edges on these are designed for a quick and stress-free assembly of our wide selection of lock rings with the other products in our light gauge ducting assortment.

  1. Asymmetrical branch 45°
  2. Pressed bend 45°, R=1.5D
  3. Straight pipe
  4. Manual sliding damper
  5. Electric throttle valve
  6. Symmetrical trousers 2 x 45°
  7. Manual throttle valve
  8. Suction hood
  9. Antistatic flexible hose
  10. Taper
  11. Pneumatic sliding damper
  12. Rapid lock ring
  13. Clip band leg for wall mounting
  14. Pressed bend 90°, R=1.5D
  15. Clip band
  16. Telescopic pipe

High vacuum ducting system

Our high vacuum ducting systems are used for pneumatic transport, such as product transfer from cargo ships or transporting sand, and centralized cleaning.

For food, feed, and corrosive or abrasive material we offer products in stainless steel, and general centralized cleaning is covered by galvanized high vacuum product range.

All high vacuum products are heavy duty to withstand the fast speed in high-pressure installations.

  1. Pipe 3.0 m or 6.0 m
  2. Heavy pipe connector
  3. Light pipe connector
  4. Branch 45°
  5. Bend 45°, R=2.5D
  6. Pneumatic sliding damper
  7. Taper
  8. Bend 90° R=2.5D
  9. Leaf Valve
  10. Flexible hose connector
  11. Conductive flexible hose
  12. Flexible hose connector
  13. Suction pipe
  14. Floor nozzle with wheels

Heavy gauge ducting system

Heavy gauge ducting system is designed to handle heavy-duty applications where high-temperature or corrosive gases, fumes, and particulates are generated. Our ducting systems are made of heavy-duty materials such as stainless, powder coated and hot dip galvanized steel, which provide superior durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion.

It is designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures, making them ideal for applications that require high airflow rates and the ability to handle hot or corrosive gases. The heavy gauge ducting types can be used in the following industries; general dust extraction, paper & cardboard, wood, agricultural, feed & food, recycling & handling, metal, plastic, exhaust & heating and heavy industry.

It's a reliable and long-lasting solution for industrial extraction needs, providing efficient and safe handling of hazardous materials while maintaining optimal working conditions for employees.

  1. Manual asymmetrical diverter 45° 
  2. Quick pull ring
  3. Mounting bracket with ceiling suspension
  4. Pressed bend 90° R=2D
  5. Full welded pipe
  6. Mounting bracket with wall suspension
  7. Pneumatic sliding damper
  8. Full welded taper
  9. Trouser 45°
  10. Pull ring without seal