VISIT OUR INNOVATIVE SET UP in the netherlands


Beek en Donk, the Netherlands
Head office & Manufacturing site
6000 m²
50 employees


Established in 1991 in Beek en Donk as a local production facility of 1800 m² which become a modern 6000 m² manufacturing site and head office in 2019.


The manufacturing is now set to an automated production line of laser welded pipes, ATEX-certified products, stainless steel manufacturing and customized products.


Our building is fully equipped to use solar panels for energy since 2022. Production is automated with a flexible manufacturing system to use less energy, have less waste and produce less CO2.

We welcome you

We are open to all our customers who wish to see our innovative manufacturing site. You can see how our machines operate, where we test our new products and you can take part in our local events organised on-site.