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Our dust extraction industry expertise

We equip installers and manufacturers in the dust extraction industry with products and knowledge to ensure straightforward project delivery on time.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve built up a wealth of experience in providing dust extraction solutions for a wide range of industry sectors. We are familiar with the specific demands and appropriate legislation for all of them. 

By being manufacturers ourselves we know exactly the ins and outs of the industrial environment and what the general needs of production/logistics sites are. That‘s the reason we can easily attend to our customer's needs. Moreover, we also belong to a network of industry associations to be at the forefront of the clean-air industry. 

Our solutions include prototyping work, product selection, and all the necessary technical support throughout the preparation stage. With our multicultural offices, we can offer local language customer service to make our partnership with customers straightforward, welcoming, and transparent.

Service levels


Our strong European presence allows us to ship our standard stock products within 24h.


We can help you with our technical knowledge and expertise to choose the right solution.


If you are looking for a non-standard product, it can be tailor-made by our engineers.

Formula Air products in top diverse industries

In the dynamic landscape of industrial operations, ensuring a clean and healthy work environment is not only a legal requirement but also a moral responsibility. Over the past 30 years the challenge of managing airborne dust particles has spurred the development of our dust extraction products, including filters, fans, and ducting components connecting dust extraction installation. We support our customers in all industries, but the below ones are the most common in our partnerships.

1. Wood Industry: Crafting Clean Air

Woodworking processes such as sanding, sawing, and cutting release fine wood dust that poses respiratory hazards to workers. Dust extraction systems with powerful fans and efficient industrial filters capture and remove airborne particles, ensuring a safer work environment and preventing long-term health issues. Formula Air has contributed to thousands of wood industry projects across Europe.

2. Agriculture: Taming Grain Dust

In agriculture, activities like grain handling and milling generate potentially combustible dust. Dust extraction solutions, including cyclone separators and dust collectors, manage these risks by preventing dust buildup and the possibility of explosions. Workers benefit from a healthier atmosphere, while facilities stay compliant with safety regulations. Check out our most sold cyclone in eCatalogue.

3. Recycling: Breathing Life into Sustainability

Recycling facilities encounter a wide range of materials, each with its own dust-producing characteristics. Dust extraction products equipped with tailored filters and fans mitigate risks, promote worker safety, and aid in the recovery of valuable materials from the dust stream, aligning with sustainability goals. Check out the case study about one of our projects in recycling.

4. Plastic Industry: Battling Microscopic Particles

Plastic processing operations like molding and cutting can result in the dispersion of tiny plastic particles into the air. Dust extraction systems, often integrating electrostatic filters, play a pivotal role in capturing these particles. By maintaining clean air, these solutions contribute to product quality, worker well-being, and environmental conservation.


5. Metal Industry: Clearing the Metalworking Mist

Metalworking processes release metal fumes and dust that are harmful to both workers and equipment. Dust extraction products, including fume extractors and high-efficiency filters, capture and remove these particles. By ensuring a pristine work environment, these solutions enhance safety and extend the lifespan of machinery. Check out our metal fume extraction products in eCatalogue.

6. Paper Industry: Unveiling Clarity

Paper manufacturing involves cutting, pulping, and drying processes that produce significant amounts of paper dust. Dust extraction systems with specialized filters and fans prevent dust accumulation, promoting a safer workspace. Moreover, these solutions aid in maintaining the quality of paper products.

7. Pharmaceutical Industry: Purity in the Air

In the pharmaceutical industry, maintaining clean air is crucial to prevent cross-contamination and ensure product integrity. Dust extraction products, often integrated into cleanrooms, feature high efficiency filters to remove even the tiniest particles. This level of air purity is essential for regulatory compliance and the production of safe medicines.

8. Food Industry: Safeguarding Edibles

Food processing facilities rely on dust extraction systems to prevent airborne contaminants from compromising the quality and safety of products. With stainless steel construction and food-grade filters, these solutions uphold the highest hygiene standards, ensuring that the final products are fit for consumption. Explore our eCatalogue for stainless steel products or get in touch with us and we will help you to select the products for your food industry.

Happy Customers Share Their Experiences

Formula Air provide us with quality products and an excellent range of products. The customer service is excellent, and we appreciate how Formula Air are constantly striving to improve, helping to streamline processes and delivery.
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Adrian , CEO
Thanks to our close cooperation with Formula Air and the extra support from their engineers, we have been able to further develop our wet scrubbers and now we regularly place them as an excellently functioning filter installation.
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Tim Mennens , Director Miltech Eindhoven
Formula Air's large stock of sendzimir galvanized ducting ensures that we receive our products in a timely manner. This together with great service has resulted in us being a customer of Formula Air for many years.
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Jos Verheul , Machinehandel & Ingenieursbureau Peulen BV
Formula Air enables us to provide customers with the information they expect as soon as possible. It is important our supplier is as reactive as Formula Air. Our various customers, from the warehouse keeper to the account manager, are very happy with customer service. Formula Air has a great asset, the men and women who make up the company, a human story that drives Proj’Air to trust you and build good relationships.
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Nicolas Perroteau , PROJ’ AIR, France
TECTRA Umwelttechnik GmbH stands for easy production with technology. Together with Formula Air we create added value of large product portfolio combined with extremely great customer service of this globally operating group. TECTRA works with partnership-based and solution-oriented network partners only, so the decision to achieve our goals with Formula Air was right and successful.
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Olaf M. Harmel , TECTRA Umwelttechnik GmbH, Germany

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