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supporting your performance

Network of partners

We have been able to build this successful organisation because of close partnerships with our customers: contractors, distributors, and other manufacturers. We work hand in hand with them on all projects to ensure economic and environment-friendly solutions.

If you are looking to join our network of partners or if you are looking for our products supplier in your area, fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Let's make air safe together

There is nothing more valuable than health. Air quality is the biggest environmental hazard in the world and just being a part of an industry with clean air purpose is already rewarding.  

In addition to contributing to a better future for our planet, by becoming one of our partners you will be able to offer your customers many of our great benefits: 

  • Environment-friendly solutions 
  • All standard products in one place 
  • The logistics centre in Belgium for fast distribution
  • Expertise and competence of engineers 
  • Industry legislation knowledge 
  • Exclusive customer offers 
  • Exclusive tools and files 
  • Local customer service 

Most importantly you will receive these services from us based on our long-standing company values: integrity, reliability, and involvement. 


Submit your partnership enquiry via the form below. Your enquiry will be allocated to the respective subsidiary of Formula Air to ensure direct and efficient communication.