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We offer a complete range of products for industrial dust extraction, filtration, ventilation, pneumatic transport and noise reduction.

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Over the years we have developed various solutions to protect the environment and people from harmful particles, fibres, dust, gas, smoke and oil mist. Our customers benefit from our expertise in complete industrial solutions.


  • Easy to assemble products
  • Easy to connect to other systems
  • Manufacturer of duct systems
  • More than 60 000 references on stock

dust extraction complete solutions


We, as manufacturers and distributors, know what is required for a smooth execution of a dust extraction project. Therefore, our approach is to offer you all you need in one place so your project is completed fast. 

By choosing us as your supplier you will unlock a number of benefits such as access to special tools and prices, all products in one place, engineering and industry expertise, and local customer service.


Standard products in one place 

We stock over 60000 references at our Belgium Logistics Centre for fast order distribution. With a recent investment in the modernization of facilities and technology there, we are aiming to boost reliability and speed of order handling.

Engineering expertise

Our technical experience has been boosted enormously over 30 years by working with partners in various industries for the most complex projects. And this made us well-experienced and equipped to offer effective and environment-friendly solutions.

Local customer service 

Most importantly we are approachable locally as an international company with many business units across Europe. We speak your language, we can meet you, and we support your performance. We use your feedback to make our services better.