Ducting systems

Regulating valves

We offer a comprehensive selection of top-quality regulating valves to meet all your industrial needs. Our diverse range includes manual throttle valves, safety valves, adjustable safety valves, electric throttle valves, pneumatic throttle valves, and sliding dampers. With our cutting-edge solutions, you can expect nothing less than precision and reliability in your operations.

Our manual throttle valves provide precise control over flow rates, ensuring optimal performance in various applications. For enhanced protection, our safety valves offer fail-safe measures to prevent overpressure situations. If you require flexibility in pressure settings, our adjustable safety valves are the perfect choice.

Looking for efficient electric or pneumatic throttle valves? Look no further. Our electric throttle valves offer automated control, while our pneumatic throttle valves provide reliable performance through air pressure manipulation.

Additionally, our sliding dampers offer smooth and accurate regulation of airflow, making them ideal for ventilation and industrial processes.

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