Separators & rotary valves

Rotary valve RVC ATEX


The RVC ATEX rotary valves are designed to discharge dust and other materials from filters and cyclones and treat volumes ranging from 10 to 83 m³/h. These rotary valves are produced according to the following harmonized directives/standards:
- 2006/42/EC ; Machine directive
- 2014/35/EC ; Low voltage directive
- 2014/30/EC ; Electromagnetic compatibility directive
- 2014/34/EC : ATEX directive

The RVC ATEX rotary valves are Eex IID St1 approved.

ATEX information
• ATEX directive : 2014/34/EU
• Certification : FTZU 05 ATEX 0184X
• Pred1 max : 75 KPa
• KSTmax : 20 MPa.m.s-1

  • 3 mm rolled plates welded together
  • End plates bolted to the body
  • 8 chamber rotor with rubber blades
  • Temperature range -20ºC up to +60ºC

* Disclaimer: Please only use original components to garantee a worry free functionning of the rotary valves.

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