ATEX certified rotary valve
RVA-X 2024

The new RVA-X rotary valve serves as an ATEX certified protective system specifically designed to block the spread of dust explosions from vessels to ductwork and surrounding areas. It plays a crucial role in industrial processes by effectively discharging dust and diverse materials from vessels such as filters, cyclones, silos or other storage units. Fully adhering to ATEX and European regulations, this system ensures the safety of personnel, the production facility and the environment from the potentially harmful consequences of an explosion. 

With a large range of executions and sizes, this rotary valve is designed for various applications, ensuring a tailored fit for different industrial processes.

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Product Overview

Manufactured by Formula Air Baltic, the RVA-X ATEX Rotary Valve is a robust and reliable solution for efficient dust and material discharge in industrial processes. Built using 3 mm thick steel powder-coated in RAL 3020, this valve boasts neoprene rubber blades for increased durability and reliability. Available in four sizes and featuring three ATEX executions, its design incorporates safety features such as a visual rotation indicator with a protective cover, making it a comprehensive and compliant solution for dust management in hazardous environments.

Product Features

  • Automated dust discharge
    The system is designed to efficiently discharge dust automatically, reducing the need for manual intervention.

  • Wide selection of executions and sizes
    Offering a variety of executions and sizes that allows the system to be customized to fit specific industrial applications and accommodate different operational requirements.

  • Simple design
    The RVA-X rotary valve's straightforward design simplifies installation, operation and maintenance. It reduces the need for complex modifications, specialized training and minimizes downtime.

Product Benefits

  • Easily replaced standard spare parts

Quick access to spare parts allows for swift repairs, reducing overall costs and ensuring continuous system operation. Optional accessories such as rotation detector is also available on stock.

  • Shipped out within 24 - 48 hrs across the EU*

Orders placed within the European Union (EU) will be shipped out within 24 - 48 hours* from our Logistics center in Belgium.

*Once available on stock
  • Cost-Effective

One of the standout features of the ATEX RVA-X Rotary Valve is its dual role as both discharge equipment and a protective system in explosive atmospheres. This multifunctionality results in significant cost savings.

Technical features for RVA-X 2024

RVA-X Rotary Valve Table - ENG.jpg

*1, 2, 3 or 4 defining the rotary valve size

Leakage volume in m³/h in function of depression level in the system

Volume in m³/h in function of depression level in the system

ATEX Rotary Valve RVA-X Testing

Enhance Your Workplace Safety:

ATEX System for Dust Extraction Installation

Formula Air is your one-stop-shop solution for ATEX-certified products to ensure the safety and compliance of your installation. We offer a comprehensive range of ATEX-certified components, including:

  1. RVA-X Rotary valve
  2. ATEX Explosion isolation valve
  3. ATEX Filter
  4. ATEX Fan
Example of an ATEX compliant installation

RVA-X: Dual Functionality in Hazardous Environments

In summary, the ATEX certified RVA-X Rotary Valve is a comprehensive solution that combines safety features, adaptability and robust construction. Its various components are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of industrial applications, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in the handling and discharge of dust and materials.

To order the ATEX certified RVA-X, please visit the Formula Air E-catalogue and request a quote.

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