BADA-FAB Explosion Isolation Valve

Formula Air has certified a new explosion isolation valve BADA-FAB, which is an excellent ATEX certified safety system specifically developed for the effective compartmentalization of explosions. It is designed for use in hazardous environments, with Ex zone 20 internal (areas where an explosive atmosphere is present continuously or for long periods) and up to Ex zone 21 external (areas where an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur during operations).

BADA-FAB explosion isolation valve is an explosion-proof product with remarkably low maintenance requirements and minimal pressure loss which makes it a straightforward and efficient solution. In the case of explosion, this product will protect the installation by blocking an explosion as close as possible to its source:

  • It will not be the source of an ignition, a spark, or an explosion,
  • It will block the blow from an explosion from going back further in the ducting, 
  • It will resist to the explosion’s pressure surge.

Product Overview

Constructed with durability in mind, the BADA-FAB ATEX explosion isolation valve is built using 3 mm thick 16MO3 steel, featuring a powder-coated RAL 3020 finish. The blade is composed of HB400 (Hardox) that adds robustness to the design. This robust construction, combined with ATEX certification, highlights the reliability and effectiveness of BADA-FAB explosion isolation valve in containing and preventing the spread of dust explosions within industrial processes.

This BADA model includes:

  • Integrated support legs
  • Lifting eyes that will simplify handling and installation
  • Airspeed capacity of up to 35m/s
  • Enhanced flexibility through the option of remote unlocking
  • Red RAL 3020 body color to enhance visibility

Product Features

  • Easy Installation
    Designed for easy and straightforward installation, ensuring a hassle-free integration into industrial processes.
  • No Electric Connection Required
    The explosion isolation valve operates without electrical components, simplifying installation and reducing maintenance complexity.
  • Visible Status Indications
    The BADA-FAB explosion isolation valve features an easily visible status indicator for open, closed and locked positions, providing clear visuals for enhanced monitoring and quick assessments of the valve's operational status.
  • Convenient Release Handle
    Foreseen with a release handle in case of unwanted locking. As an option, it can be replaced by a remote unlocking system if the ATEX explosion isolation valve is placed in hard to reach places.
  • Optional Sensors
    Can be equipped with optional sensors, including a dust level sensor and a position sensor which can send a signal in case of accumulated dust depot or locking of the blade for improved process control and safety.
FAB-Expl updated (2).png

Product Benefits

  • Economically Suitable Solution Against an Explosion Propagation

Its design focuses on efficiency without compromising on safety, making it an ideal choice for industries seeking reliable explosion protection within budget constraints.

  • Completely Mechanical, Requiring Practically No Maintenance

With fewer parts prone to wear and tear, the system remains robust over time, ensuring prolonged and cost-effective service.

  • Pressure Surge Resistance

This feature ensures the valves can withstand the pressure surge generated during an explosion, effectively containing the impact and preventing the propagation of damage to other areas of the industrial process.


Technical features comparison for a quick selection.

*Clean air side and vertical mounting achieved by holding the flap in open position with some restrictions applied (distance, airspeed, etc.).
**The min distance is different in function of some installation parameters, see user guide.

How it works

During normal operation, the BADA-FAB ATEX explosion isolation valve's blade opens with the airflow. At factory standstill, the BADA-FAB ATEX explosion isolation valve's blade comes to rest on the lock due to the inner blade’s own weight.

BADA-FAB in open airflow configuration

In the event of an explosion, the expanding reverse pressure causes the blade of the valve to forcefully slam into the lock. This rapid response effectively blocks the propagation of the explosion within the ductwork, serving as a crucial safety system.

BADA-FAB ATEX in closed configuration

BADA-FAB Testing

BADA-FAB: Protecting with Precision and Practicality

Overall, the BADA-FAB explosion isolation valve combines simplicity with effectiveness, offering a robust explosion isolation valve that not only prevents the propagation of explosions but does so in a manner that is economically viable, easy to install and virtually, or practically, maintenance-free. 

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