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Providing Industrial Dust Extraction Solutions for 30 Years

Formula Air helps to create a sustainable working and living environment by providing easy access to industrial dust extraction solutions. We supply all dust extraction, filtration and ventilation components as a one stop shop.

Many installers, engineering companies and manufacturers choose Formula Air because we offer:

  • Industry Expertise

Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience in providing dust extraction and ventilation solutions for a wide range of industry sectors. We are familiar with the specific production requirements and appropriate global and European legislation in many industries such as wood, recycling, agriculture, plastics, metal, glass and paper. 

  • Extensive Range of Products & Fast Delivery

We store, source and produce dust extraction components for the wide range of applications found in any modern-day production environment. Most of the stock is conveniently stored in Belgium, so the deliveries reach any European country fast. With a surface area of 7 000 m² and an average stock of 60 000 units, you will be offered a fast solution.

  • Technical Support

Our technical engineers are trained to provide 2D & 3D visualizations of the required project, assist customers with valuable advice and ongoing support.