ATEXON Spark Detection System

Formula Air has teamed up with Atexon to provide a supreme spark detection solution that complements our product range.

The spark detection system is designed to protect industrial processes by helping reduce the risk of ignition sources such as burning embers from reaching protected equipment. The system detects sparks and extinguishes them automatically without interrupting process operations. Sparks and hot particles may be created in production machines, conveyers, disc screens, shredders, transfer fans, elevators and other machines where combustible material is handled.

This spark detection system works faster than the explosion. Very sensitive spark detectors detect ignition sources in a millisecond and start the water extinguishing which normally lasts for 5 seconds and stops automatically.

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  • Early phase fire detection and extinguishing
  • Designed for protecting production lines
  • Low volumes of extinguishing water 
  • Designed to minimize production stops
  • Detector solutions offer additional technologies such as gass and flame detection

Key components

  • 1 Spark Detector
  • 2 Self Cleaning Water Nozzle
  • 3 Decentralized Controller
  • 4 Control Panel
  • 5 Customizable Siren
  • 6 Fan Controller
  • 7 Overheat Sensing Cable
  • 8 Water Pressure Controller
  • 9 Water Tank and Pump