Mastered noise reduction: Personalized solution

Formula Air develops acoustic booths for Nexair fans.

An acoustic booth is the perfect solution for fans with a high noise level. Nexair, a French installation company, was looking for a solution for their fans. Formula Air developed and produced a booth that satisfies entirely the wishes of the client.

The acoustic booth has the following dimensions : 8,2 m by 3,1 m with a height of 2,4 meters. It’s the Formula Air Engineering department who developed the acoustic booth with the holes for the ducting predefined on the customer drawings. During the conception of the booth, certain client wishes were taken into account such as : two workmen need to be able to walk on it, 2 inspection doors 1 x 2,1 m were needed, as well as removable panels and interior lighting. Seeing as the acoustic booth was going to be installed outside, a separate roof was developed with extra supporting profiles.

This is no ordinary acoustic booth and it can be seen not only by the specific client needs but by its size as well. Seeing the large size of the booth, it was delivered on site in loose elements that were assembled following mounting instructions.

Formula Air as an adapted solution to the needs of the client for each noise level problem that arises : may it be the noise level of a fan, a compressor or a high pressure pump. The Formula Air engineers seek out the source of the problem, the location and the client wishes to find a unique solution for each situation.

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