Temporary material surcharge

Our industry faces continued price increase on raw materials due to a shortage of normal steel and stainless steel. These market changes make a great impact to our product prices.
Taking current situation into consideration, we inform you we will be adjusting our pricing policy on a monthly basis (Pricelist D21). It will be based on the current market price and development of the steel index. Be aware, the prices listed in our pricelist may differ from the ones you receive in quotes.
While this pricing policy isn’t the most convenient way, it is designed to offer our customers the lowest possible price in this rapidly changing market. As of right now, raw materials cost growth is predicted to continue for at least 6 more months. The temporary price surcharge will be discontinued as soon as steel prices fall back to the 2020 level.
As of May 1st surcharge will be 6%.
As of June 14th surcharge will be 14%.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact your account manager. Thank you for understanding.