Price adjustments | Post steel price stabilization

Published on 13-9-2022

Removal of temporary material surcharge

Finally, as the raw material prices are falling back to the numbers of the beginning of 2022, we are removing the temporary material surcharge as of November 1st, 2022.

Brand new pricelists

Despite the raw material cost stabilization, the industry remains under pressure due to the increase of energy and labour costs. To compensate for the new impact to our production costs, we have adjusted our base prices with an average increase of 9%. It will impact the vast majority of Formula Air products, with exception of the full welded product range, fans and filters.

The new D23 & T23 pricelists also have a significant number of stocked products with reduced prices due to our recently optimized internal processes. Contact your account manager for more details and place your next order before the Holiday season starts.